micro ScoutCam™ DSP Video Processor

High-End HD video processor for medical and industrial applications!

The DSP based micro ScoutCam™ DSP HD video processor is designed for use with micro ScoutCam™ micro-cameras. The video processor enables high image quality for both medical and industrial applications.

The product has already been in use by world-leading companies in sensitive areas such as medical devices, aviation and space industries, etc.

Key features:
  • Advanced digital image processing to ensure the best image quality from Medigus cameras.
  • HDMI video output.
  • Touch screen control panel that offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Recording and storage capability to external media.
  • Configurable video parameters: WB, image size, color enhancement, exposure time, Gamma correction etc.
  • Supports LED closed loop illumination for steady lightning.
  • Supports remote software updates.
  • micro ScoutCam™ DSP video processor series.
  • TI – DSPs.
  • Two Xilinx - Spartan 6 processors.
  • ARM Cortex A8 processor.
  • Support SD card for recording up to 32GB
  • Flash, disk on a key, USB, external communication.
  • External signals MUX.
  • 4.3 "touch display models.
  • Compatible with BF medical standards.
  • Two simultaneous HDMI outputs.
  • Supports LED closed loop illumination.
  • Software and firmware upgrades.
  • Customer screens.

    Specifications for micro ScoutCam™ DSP

    Video output HDMI
    Dimensions 290mm(W) x 100mm(H) x 350mm(D)
    Power supply AC100-240 50/60Hz
    System functions

    Wide range of functions.
    System is flexible such that customer can request to add additional features.

    Required accessories for the camera system: 
    • Monitor 
    • Light source
    For further details or price quote request, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
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Medigus is a medical device company specializing in developing minimally invasive endosurgical tools and highly innovative imaging solutions. Medigus is a pioneer developer of a unique proprietary endoscopic device, the MUSE™ System, to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), one of the most common chronic diseases in the western world. As an expert in micro-endoscopic devices, Medigus has developed a range of micro CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) and CCD (charge-coupled device) video cameras, including micro ScoutCam™ 1.2, which to the best of the company's knowledge, is the smallest in the world.
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